What are DripKnots?

Each DripKnots set contains two wristbands and one matching headband, all made of soft, plush terry velour. The wristbands absorb all excess moisture to keep it from running down your arms, onto the counter top and anywhere it’s not supposed to. The matching headband keeps your hair from getting sloshed.

And just for the sake of prettiness, each DripKnot is adorned with a decorative detail to add that extra touch of pizazz to your morning and evening routine.

No more water dripping down your sleeves. No more soggy hair hanging down your lovely face. And no more struggling to keep your sleeves up while doing the dishes.

DripKnots are designed to be worn around your mid-forearm, where a pushed-up sleeve would rest. The headband is wide so you can tuck your hair inside.

DripKnots are 100% cotton and machine washable.

DripKnots make a great gift! They’re one size fits all, so no more guessing. They solve an annoying problem we all face--so you can take pride knowing you’re giving a gift that will be used every day and will always look great.

DripKnots are patent pending.