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DripKnots Commercial Midway-Update


Did you see the DripKnots commercial?

It’s pretty cool to see a product you invented on TV!

I was a little nervous to make the commercial announcement because the odds are against success (1 in 20 DRTV (direct response tv) campaigns succeed) but you know what?? I don’t feel nervous anymore. No matter the outcome of the test campaign, I couldn’t be more proud of DripKnots success and just going for it!

The orders have been rolling in.

Not sure yet if the numbers are strong enough to keep up with the high cost of media but I’ve been floored by the response. I have a lot of super awesome customers who LOVE DripKnots and that’s all the fuel I need to keep going.

I would love to see strong numbers (of course!). Strong numbers mean we’re getting the word out there, all the stores who carry DripKnots will move more product and staying on air longer means big box comes a knockin’. Talk about getting the word out there!

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I will know soon what the final results of the test are and I will most certainly let you know.

Until then, come on over to our Facebook page, like us and stay for a while. I would love to stay connected and chat!

If you haven’t had the chance to see our commercial, you can see it on our DRTV website. Go here to see it.

Be well and happy and thanks again for following my DripKnots journey!


When and how to wash your face – tips from Dr. Mira Herman – Creator of Rosemira Organics


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years reading about different skincare, health and beauty techniques. Haven’t we all?

This interview is the first of many intended to help educate, empower and entertain you.  I hope you will stick around on this journey, learn a thing or two, and join the conversation in the comment section below. Enjoy!

Introducing Dr. Mira Herman, the creator of Rosemira Organics: 

(Use code “DripKnots” for 30% off Rosemira.)

What made you decide to start a skincare line? Mira-Headshot

I’ve always had a passion for skincare. I made my first moisturizing cream when I was nineteen because I had a low thyroid function leaving my skin pale and drier than most girls my age. The moisturizer I created nourished and hydrated my skin in a way that none of the products I purchased could.

As an adult I became a Herbalist, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. Over these 30 years I continued to create organic skincare products. While I learned that one cannot understand herbs and essential oils through chemistry, I discovered the key to formulating the nourishing skin care products I create now. As I’ve aged, my products had such an impact on my skin, other women were inquiring how they could do the same. Utilizing the knowledge I’d accumulated over decades, Rosemira gradually developed and expanded to where we are now.

Rosemira is my lifetime passion, and is divinely inspired. My love for what I do shows up in the skincare products I produce. They have personality and attitude and convey the love and nurturing I am compelled to share.

6a What are the steps you recommend taking when washing off makeup at night and caring for your skin?

When walking in the door, immediately take off your make up. Let the skin have time to breathe without being covered up by pore clogging foundation.  Think of it as you would kicking off a tight high heeled shoe when you walk in the house.

Because foaming cleansers are generally drying. If you are 45 years or older, I don’t recommend using them daily and certainly not twice a day. It removes too much moisture from your skin. Instead choose a moisturizing cleanser such as Rosemira’s Tangerine Frosting- Rich Moisturizing Cream  or our Rich Moisturizing Cleanser and Night Cream.

While your skin is still damp spray on a moisturizing hydrosol toner such as Rosemira’s Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner.

Pat on well and then apply your SerumMoisturizing Cream and/or Eye Cream.

If you are under 45 and/or have oily skin, use a foaming cleanser that has a dual action of cleansing and exfoliating such as Rosemira Foaming Cleaners.

When you use Rosemira’s foaming cleansers, you are stimulating the skin’s much needed circulation while removing the layers of dead skin obscuring proper oxygen flow. Rosemira does not add any drying alcohols.

As you remove make-up scrub several times until thoroughly clean. While your skin is still damp, spray on a hydrosol toner. Pat on well and then apply your SerumMoisturizing Cream and/or Eye Cream.


Why do you think it’s important to use an organic skincare line like Rosemira? 

Our skin and hair are not external accessories; they’re deeply connected to our inner health, and thus are influenced by eating, exercising, sleeping well and of-course the products we use.

Anything applied to the skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, just as if you had eaten it.

Known carcinogens or toxins that affect the immune, reproductive, and endocrine systems are found in many skincare lines. These include chemicals such as phthalates, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, and parabens.

Using Rosemira Organics Skin Care means not compromising your body by using less than the absolute best organic product with the highest grade of nutrients to feed your skin and support your inner health. Our products are also good for the spirit as they feel yummy and smell divine due to nothing less a magical synergy of essential oils.


What is the one product in your line that you absolutely can’t live without and why?

I suppose if I was hard pressed I’d say my absolute must is the Gorgeous Gold Stem Cell Serum.

It’s packed with nutritious ingredients for my skin, it’s not too oily and it absorbs well. Creating a beautiful glow to my skin. Like most Rosemira products, it too, has an inspiring scent.


Where can my readers find Rosemira if they’d like to give it a try?


Most of our business is currently done through our website, and for a limited time, use code “DripKnots” to receive 30% off your entire order. 

All of our products are found there. From our website you can also find support, recommendations and consultations.

As we grow, we are beginning to be found in stores like any Whole Foods in Northern California, at Organic Skin Care Salons, and high end specialty shops. We have also begun to sell our most popular products on Amazon

Any last thoughts you’d like to share?

I think DripKnots is a simple, yet brilliant and an elegant solution.

My favorite use is to keep the hair off my face when applying my products. I also love using them on my wrists, especially in the morning when I’m washing my face so as not to get my sleeves all wet.




How NOT to get behind with Christmas shopping


Christmas is right around the corner! Can you believe it? I realize it’s only November but if your schedule is anything like mine, it fills up really fast during this time of year with holiday parties, family get-togethers, kids’ events — music programs, piano recitals, classroom parties and holiday projects. Let’s not forget the time it takes to decorate the house and produce a Christmas card photo!

I might sound like I hate this time of year but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I love this time of year! I love the parties, chaos and shopping til midnight. I love Christmas music filling my house, cuddling with the kids by the lit fireplace and the fragrant pomander ball on the stove.

I avoid the stress of it all by starting my Christmas shopping early. I look at November as my time to shop (an enjoyable task when not strapped for time). My goal is to be finished with my shopping by the end of November so I can be fully present to enjoy the social month of Christmas.


Here’s what works for me:

1. Make a List (include a budget)

I list out EVERYONE from the housecleaner, kids’ school and piano teachers, grandparents, nieces and nephews to my husband and kids. I include a budget for each person and stick to it!

2. Don’t Procrastinate.

If you tell yourself you have plenty of time then you won’t pull the trigger and make the purchase. You’ll think “That’s cute but maybe I can find something better”. I always buy NOW knowing if later I change my mind I can return it. I rarely, if ever, do.

3. Buy Online

I like to go to stores with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays so I make sure to carve out time to do that but I also order a lot online. I make sure it’s an “experience” too.

For example, my husband and I like to share a bottle of wine by the fireplace with Christmas music in the background and buy fun, practical gifts together online. Now, that’s a date night and we didn’t even have to pay for a babysitter! ☺

How do you get all of your shopping done for the holidays? How do you make all the new commitments fit into your already busy schedule? Do you love the holidays as much as I do?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Let’s share ideas!

XO! Toni

DripKnots Giveaway


Hi Friends!

Thanks for stopping by. I am trying out Rafflecopter for the first time. Let’s give this program a whirl…Enter now to win DripKnots! The giveaway ends September 14th. Best of luck to you!

Enter to win DripKnots

DripKnots on the Today Show!


Hi Friends!

I’m excited to report that Bobbie Thomas shared DripKnots as one of her “Beauty Breakthroughs” on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda! I’m beyond excited! Check out DripKnots on Bobbie’s Buzz.

Bobbie says DripKnots are something “every woman should have” and Kathie Lee says, “Oh, Cute!”. Love these ladies!

Thank you so much for all your orders. Thanks to the Today Show many of us just found each other. Sign up for my newsletter so we can stay connected!

Let me know what you think of DripKnots on the Today Show in the comment section. I’d love to hear what you think!


TodayShowClick here to see video.




test2Mother’s Day is a very special day for me.  With three young kids (9, 7 and 5), I look forward to spending the whole day with them and their daddy uninterrupted.  One of my favorite things the kids like to do for me is…”Spa Day”.  The kids have me wear my robe, they brush my hair, massage my shoulders, and serve me tea while relaxing music plays in the background.  After my pampering, they send me off to take a relaxing bubble bath with all of my “spa” essentials set out.  Pictured here are some things I love and I thought it would be fun to share with you.  I included links to show you where you can buy but I do not earn money through these links.  (Well, unless of course you buy DripKnots.  :-) )  What will you be doing on Mother’s Day?

1.  This tray is great to hold all of mom’s spa essentials.

2.  I use my DripKnots headband to keep my hair dry during my bubble bath.

3.  Love my Clarisonic!

4.  This robe from Dillard’s is super soft! (btw, that is not a picture of me.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring Has Arrived!


I just got back from my mini-vacation with the family in Sun Valley. It was beautiful and relaxing! The whole family went skiing but there were no celeb sightings, darn it. Here’s a picture of me with my little girl who went on the chairlift with (just) her brothers for the first time while her dad and I sat at the base of the mountain. Amazing milestone!  Parental freedom!


In honor of this amazing start to Spring, DripKnots are 25% off at! All patterns! Use code: (Expired but we’ll have another sale soon. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified.).

We are in over 1500 stores now (Yippee!!) and I encourage you to visit a store near you. Many are having spring sales of their own. If you want to know what stores in your area carry DripKnots, ask in the comment section of my blog and I will let you know right away. If you own/operate a store and would like me to share your location and/or spring sales, please let me know and I will share with all on my blog, FB and Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Alrighty, I told you that I’d show you an embarrassing photo and here it is. My husband took a picture of me while we were on vacation, jammies and all, and I am sharing with you because, well, I thought it would be fun. DripKnots are the real deal in my home and on vacation. Never leave home without them!


I’d love to hear from you in the comment section. Did you go any where for Spring Break. Where? Did you bring your DripKnots? Have you taken kids to Las Vegas? I ask because we are going there when school gets out and I would love any ideas on where we can take the kids. Thanks a bunch for any ideas!

Lots o’ lovely, hugs and kisses,




DripKnots Giveaway


Spring break is right around the corner and I’m so excited!  Are you going anywhere tropical and fun?  I’m going to Sun Valley, Idaho with my family.  Not exactly tropical but definitely somewhere fun.  It’s a 2-hour drive from home so it’s quick and easy, lots to do (skiing, ice-skating, sledding, hiking, listening to bands at the base of the mountain (my fave), etc.) and exciting…always a good chance at a celeb spotting.

I want to give a shout out to my new friend, Sarah at Total Basset Case.  Sarah named DripKnots as one of her “newest favorite products” and what a response we got!  I love some of the comments:

ClementineW:Logo600 “DRIP KNOTs???? GENIUS! I dread night time simply because I hate getting wet before I get in bed.”  By The Sweetest Thing

“omg, where have dripknots been my whole life?!?! I’m right there with you that sometimes I’m just lazy bc it’s so messy and such a big ordeal I get annoyed sometimes! I seriously want some now!!!” by Erin

Thank you Sarah!  I will be donating DripKnots to one of Sarah’s lucky giveaway winners this week so go check her out if you want a chance to win.

I am having a DripKnots giveaway too and the winners are (insert drumroll here):  Janet B., Pam K., Siva L., Nancy J. and Jennifer B.  I have emailed you all.  Congrats!

I would love to stay connected with you on Facebook and Twitter.  Post pics of DripKnots in your store or in use at home and I will share them!  You can find me at Twitter and Facebook.  Follow me so I can follow you.

Lots o’ lovely, hugs & kisses,



Great 2013!


I hope your new year is off to a great start and you have big plans for 2013!  I have a great feeling about this year.  AmericasMart Gift Show in Atlanta was a huge success!  We’re still tallying numbers, but this was the best show ever for DripKnots.

We’re proud to be partnered with One Coast, the gift industry’s most prestigious national sales rep firm, and I’m giddy over how lovely the DripKnots display looked in their showroom. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.



I’m excited to spread the lovely and get on to the DripKnots giveaways.  The lucky winners were selected randomly and are…Judy Y., Amie E., Megan F., Amanda W. and Jennifer C.  I just sent each of you an email so if you see your name here but you haven’t received an email from me, let me know!  As soon as I hear back from you, I will get your DripKnots mailed out to you right away.

Thanks so much for your support!

Lots o’ lovely, hugs & kisses,